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About me


My name is Franzi Steffen.
I have been living out my passion as a freelance photographer and videographer for four years now and am currently completing my online media management bachelor's degree. 


What excites me most about my work is the opportunity to be outside in nature. No matter whether I'm in the forest, in the mountains or in my own neighborhood - the beauty of our world always inspires me. It offers an endless source of fascinating subjects that I capture with great passion.


Staging products in lifestyle shoots is my passion and a central part of my work. For me, it goes far beyond simply displaying products. My goal is to embed your products in stories that awaken emotions and highlight the uniqueness and value of your brand.




In the world of videography I see the opportunity to tell deep emotions and stories in moving images. For me, it's more than just capturing moments - it's the art of capturing the soul of your message. Every look, every gesture and every detail tells a story. My greatest joy is bringing these stories to life in a way that touches and engages your audience.


In addition, I am firmly convinced that the authentic representation of brands through user-generated content (UGC) offers crucial added value. I love showing brands and products from the consumer's perspective because it creates real connections and credibility.


During my years as a freelancer, I have not only developed my skills, but also deepened my passion for visual art. I look forward to accompanying your stories and projects, be it through photography or videography. Let's work together to make your visions come true and tell your stories in impressive images and videos.

Sende mir eine Nachricht und ich melde mich in Kürze!

Vielen Dank!

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